SMS Accountability and Liability

SMS Accountability and Liability

Course Code: ALS 1200

SMS is a proactive approach to safety that is expected to increase the likelihood of identifying potential safety problems and the development of barriers to inhibit potential exposures before they result in an incident or accident.

The Accountable Manager of the organization has the ultimate responsibility and accountability for the implementation and maintenance of the SMS as well as control of the human and financial resources required to implement and maintain the SMS.  As SMS may identify otherwise unknown hazards and quantify the potential impact of such incidents, the implementation of SMS could also result in negligence and increased legal liability and therefore it is crucial that the accountable manager also fully comprehend the risk of not having an effective SMS in place and the potential exposure to liability.

Course Overview

This course is specifically designed to firstly make aviation managers, safety managers, safety and compliance specialists and auditors aware of how that the implementation of SMS could result in increased liability exposure and secondly to provide in-depth knowledge on how managers can discharge their duties and responsibilities with regards to SMS and in so doing may limit their exposure to liability.

Exercises and workshops will allow participants to obtain comprehensive understanding and awareness of both how to discharge their SMS duties and responsibilities, as well as to pro-actively minimise regulatory and legal implications.

Who Should Attend

Accountable Managers, Aviation Managers, Safety Managers, Safety and compliance officers and specialists, SMS Auditors, Pilots, Aviation Professionals and anyone interested in aviation safety


Course content and topics covered

  • SMS Pillars
  • Identification of hazards, evaluating and ranking risks, and mitigate unacceptable risks
  • Legal liability
  • Duty of care and Negligence
  • Foreseeable risks identified through SMS
  • Personal Liability
  • Gathering and protection of data
  • Just culture and SMS
  • Legal obstacles to Just Culture
  • Mitigation of Legal Exposure

Presentation format

This course combines a theoretical framework of principles with power point presentation, group discussions and exercises. The group discussions and case studies provide the participants the opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge whilst obtaining a practical hands-on approach to the topics discussed.


Take home

  • Course highlights pack
  • Certificate of Completion

 Course is limited to 20 participants

Course Duration: 2 days 

Dates: TBA

Location: TBA

Price: including refreshments and lunch during the day €1 400 (Excl. VAT)

Accommodation is not included and must be booked separately


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