Expert bespoke advice to guide your organisation

At ALS Aviation, we provide expert advice on establishing an Airline Operators Certificate. Our team supports the implementation and auditing of Safety Management Systems (SMS) as well as performing independent auditing on aviation disciplines. We also provide legal support in cases of civil and criminal aviation litigation, incident and accident investigation and on individual’s legal responsibilities and accountabilities.

What we focus on

  • 1 Our consultancy services focus on a wide range of stakeholders in the aviation industry at the organisational and individual level, including:

  • 2 Airlines

  • 3 Air traffic service providers

  • 4 Airports

  • 5 Civil aviation authorities

  • 6 Government bodies

  • 7 Ground handling companies

  • 8 Organisational and governmental legal departments

  • 9 Aviation managers, and post holders

  • 10 Pilots, engineers and air traffic controllers and other aviation professionals