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President and CEO – ALS Aviation Consultants Ltd

Background and Experience

Dr Captain Andreas Mateou is the Director of Safety for the Flynas Group which includes the Flynas airline, a dynamic and rapidly expanding airline, and Nasjet, a leading corporate airline and a current GACA A320 check airman. Between 2015 -2018 he was the Flynas Chief Pilot and prior to that Andreas joined the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority in 2012 as aa Flight Operations Inspector and he was the Principal Inspector for Air Arabia until 2015.


With an impressive track record of more than 27 years at Cyprus Airways, Andreas served as an A320 TRI/TRE, was the airline’s Head of Flight Safety, FDM and Emergency Response Program Manager and has more than 18000 FH experience. He is a trained Accident Investigator, an expert in SMS Risk Management and Quality Management System. He is also a fully qualified IOSA auditor. Andreas is also the President and CEO of ALS Aviation Consultancy, an adjunct professor at a number of universities and an author of a number of books and academic articles.

Expertise and capability

Dr. Captain Mateou has an LLB Law Degree from the University of London, a Master in Aviation Management from the University of New South Wales and a Doctorate from the University of Middlesex, UK. His doctoral thesis examined the effect of criminalization in aviation safety and the intermingling of air accident investigation and the judicial process.

He is the co-author of the book published in 2010 by Ashgate publications, UK, entitled “Flying in the Face of Criminalization” and in addition to this, has participated in a number of high profile litigation cases as an Aviation Lawyer and an expert witness.

Andreas taught law for a number of years, as visiting lecturer at the University of Cranfield UK and currently teaches part time at the Emirates Aviation University, UAE, on the Master in Aviation Safety and MBA Aviation Management programs. He has also presented papers in many international safety and Air Law conferences.  He served as a member of the ICAO Flight operation Panel and is currently a member of the Eurocontrol Just Culture Task force, the Flight Safety Foundation and the Royal Aeronautical Society.


Vice President and COO – ALS Aviation Consultants Ltd

Career background and experience

Dr. Sofia Michaelides-Mateou is an Aviation Legal Consultant and a Professor of Air Law. She provides training to a large number of aviation organisations and aviation professionals, lectures Law and Aviation at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels and a thesis supervisor at the Master’s and PhD level.  Sofia is also an author of a number of aviation books and book chapters, has extensive experience as a researcher and is a keen speaker at conferences.


Sofia has lectured at Cranfield University in the UK and is currently lecturing on the Master in Aviation Safety and Security (MSc) program and the Master in Business Administration (MBA) programs at the Emirates Aviation University in Dubai, UAE.

Expertise and capability

Dr. Sofia Michaelides-Mateou holds a Doctorate from the University of Middlesex, UK, (dealing with the criminalization of aviation professionals subsequent to an aviation accident and the effect on aviation safety), a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and a BA from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. She has been a full-time University lecturer of Law and Air Law for over twenty-five years.

Sofia is the author of the book Air Law: A Practical Perspective, (Sakkoulas, Greece, 2010) and co-author of the book Flying in the Face of Criminalisation: The Safety Implications for Prosecuting Aviation Professionals for Accidents (Ashgate, UK, 2010).

She has written a number of book chapters focusing on aviation and law and has presented many papers at international aviation conferences. Her published articles include those on unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), aviation security, safety, unruly passengers, the liability of aviation professionals subsequent to a serious aviation accident or incident, protection of aviation safety data and Just Culture. Sofia is also an Aviation-legal Consultant who has participated in a number of aviation litigation cases. Furthermore she is an Associate Member of International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI), a member of the Flight Safety Foundation and of the Eurocontrol Just Culture Task Force.