Comprehensive guidance for all aviation professionals

The ALS Aviation legal team have many years experience in the Aviation Industry and the wider legal profession, providing legal advice on all areas of aviation and law, in particular the investigation of aviation incidents and accidents, aviation litigation matters and as expert witnesses.

What we provide

We provide guidance and legal support to airlines, air traffic service providers, ground handling agents, airports, pilots, cabin crew, air traffic controllers, engineers and other aviation professionals and organisations.

  • 1 We:

  • 2 Provide expert assistance in accident and incident investigation

  • 3 Assist regulatory authorities, airlines, aviation professionals and lawyers with aviation litigation

  • 4 Act as expert witnesses in aviation litigation cases

  • 5 Provide advice on contract of employment disputes

  • 6 Undertake reviewing and handling of contracts dealing with aircraft leasing and other aviation industry contractual agreements

  • 7 Assist passengers with their rights to compensation