Practical support to guide your team

At ALS Aviation we endorse the view that training is a fundamental pillar, contributing greatly to the improvement of aviation safety. We therefore provide tailor-made in-house training as well as multi-discipline courses at different locations to address the wider needs of the aviation industry.

Training Courses

Our advanced, in-depth training courses across a number of aviation related disciplines enable aviation professionals, from management to front line employees, to obtain comprehensive yet practical training. The courses offer them a better understanding and the ability to implement their legal and regulatory requirements and to proactively manage and discharge their duties and responsibilities in a compliant and safe manner. With a focus on the personal approach from our team of professionals, we provide comprehensive and practical courses to individuals and organisations on how to successfully implement regulations, ensuring strict compliance and a high level of aviation safety.

  • 1 Our courses provide:

  • 2 Legal awareness for Aviation managers, post-holders and other managers on their legal duties and responsibilities in discharging duties under the SMS

  • 3 Awareness on legal ramifications subsequent to an aviation incident or accident and possible civil and criminal litigation

  • 4 In-depth knowledge and guidance on proactive measures against criminal, disciplinary and administrative action

  • 5 Detailed knowledge on how to transform your organizational culture through the implementation of a Just Culture

  • 6 Guidance on how to implement safety, quality and security management system

  • 7 Direction on establishing an effective crisis management plan