Aviation Professionals: Rights and Accountabilities

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Course Code: ALS 1700

In today’s current era of pro-‑active and predictive risk management and complex safety and quality systems, there has never been a more pressing time to gain awareness, knowledge and an in-‑depth understanding of the risks of criminal liability in aviation in order to obtain confidence and the capability to respond methodically, effectively and successfully to the threats created by the increasing criminalization of aviation professionals.


Course Overview

This virtual training course is specifically designed to provide Aviation Managers and aviation professionals with awareness and insight into their legal liability and legal ramifications, including civil and criminal litigation in the aviation industry

Who Should Attend

Senior and Middle Managers from the aviation industry and all aviation professional.

Course Content and Topics Covered

  • Understanding Law and Air Law
  •  Duties, Responsibilities, Accountability
  •  Civil and Criminal Liability in Aviation
  •  Contractual Rights: Employment; Insurance; Medical
  •  Civil Aviation Enforcement and Licensing Actions
  •  Technical & Judicial Investigation subsequent to an aviation accident or serious incident
  •  Administrative, Disciplinary and Judicial Proceedings
  •  Legal Framework and Legal Implications in Occurrence Reporting
  •  Just Culture – wilful violations, misconduct, negligence and gross negligence
  •  Managers / Flight Crew / ATCO / Prosecutions – Accidents and Judicial Proceedings
  •  Case studies and Exercises

Presentation Format

Instruction and discussions

Take Home: Certificate of Completion

Course Duration: 3 days

Dates: Contact us for availability | Virtual Training

Price: €1190 (Incl Vat 19%)

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